Is it LEEDs or just LEED?

Abercorn Common is a LEED certified shopping center in Savannah, Georgia and LEED is short for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  Many people add an ‘s’ by saying LEEDs.  But did you know that LEEDs is a borough in the U.K. and it’s also the name of a college in Colorado?  I always think of that when I walk by the back of this building in a lane near a parking lot in downtown Savannah – apparently the store used to be named LEEDs.
The Old LEEDs store in Savannah GA


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4 Responses to “Is it LEEDs or just LEED?”

  1. Silverback Says:

    Not sure what a burrough is (as opposed to a borough) but I live in the city of Leeds which is the 3rd largest in the UK and the biggest financial centre after London.

    There is also the small village of Leeds 200 miles south of here with the world famous Leeds Castle, one of the most beautiful castles in Europe.

    I’ve been a few times to Savannah but can’t say I’ve seen that building. Hopefully you’ll now think of my city when you pass it.

    • abercorncommon Says:

      Thanks for your comments and I’ve made your suggested spelling change. This photo is the rear view of a building which actually fronts Broughton Street.

  2. dumblikeapainter Says:

    Why doesn’t someone paint ‘United’ under it? They need all the help they can get.

    By the way the last comment was a wee bit patronising – ‘burrough’ or ‘borough’ we all know what we mean (color – colour – same difference…) ….. but true enough Leeds is a city in the county of Yorkshire, a nice part of England if you’re minded to go

  3. Everblue Training Institute Says:

    It’s funny that there has been so much confusion concerning LEED vs. LEEDS. We have a similar post here:

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